Year Built: 1968

The ground breaking ceremony was conducted on Oct 25 1967 for new sanctuary. The Sanctuary was designed by architect Nils Schweizer, a student at Taliesin and on site manager of Frank Lloyd Wright, whose influence can be seen in the style of the building. Mr. Schweizer also designed two building on the Florida Southern College campus. The Florida Southern College Architectural district was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. It is said that the sanctuary has no right angles in any of its structural components. 

The beautiful windows were made of Blenko Glass from the Blenko Glass Company of Milton WV. The members of the congregation under the direction of Mr. Schweizer and team, constructed the windows with approximately 225 different thickness and shades of deep red and yellow glass. The membership worked three different shifts, hand-washing and preparing each glass piece to be assembled into the twelve windows. 

In addition to the side window, the mural window over the front entrance was designed and built by the architect and staff and given as a gift to the church. The mural depicts God and Holy Spirit moving out into the world. 

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