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Year Built:1976

Notes from the architect, Frank Sheehy 
This building was the legal offices of John Sutton and rental offices with parking under the building taking advantage of the slope to the lake on the east side. 

Notes from the editor 
After receiving the vintage photos from Frank, I went to take recent shots of the location and talk with the building's new owners. It is now occupied by "The Spine and Scoliosis Center" 

When I asked one of the doctor's there if he knew this used to be a law office, he said he didn't believe it because he's been there for the past 10 years and before that it was a Children's Center. I showed him the original photos from Frank and we spent some time taking notice of all the differences between now and then. 

Unfortunately, the color scheme has changed to a Miami Vice style aqua blue and much of the landscaping around the entrance along with a large tree watching over the building have been removed...either by forces of nature or by people.  

The new owners appeared genuinely interested in the history of their office. They'll have a nice story to tell now. 

If anyone knows what kind of Children's Center was here between 1981 and 1998, please use the feedback link below. Public property records only show it was purchased by "Guarantee Ins Co" 


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